Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Arrived at STM Technology Tour 2017 -- Will be updated...

What is noteworthy that I see I will pass along when I'm able.

Good to see you RS!

I'm a little early, this is from the Starbucks across the street.

You could read a lot into the stock price action today -- or figure that it bounced off the 50 day moving average in our new uptrend -- I don't know. 

It appears the main event for MVIS will be after the market close.

MVIS has a display set up.

Display is getting good traffic. 

Interesting off record commentary from a couple of people from STM.... The session to attend at 1:40pst 

Discussed manufacturing processes with an ST person. The biggest thing I learned about from him is inventories and manufacturing processes... from beginning production to ending production of some mems

Attended "Micro-actuators enabling new and unforseen aplications."

Very interesting rundown of how Mems work  (Chemistry and electronics) different kinds of actuation (Electrostatic, Electromagnetic, PiezoElectric)

Three companies were highlighted: Polight -- which has an autofocus that imitates a human eye, Usound, where they use Mems to make good ear-bud speakers, and Microvision. (Also the dual mirror laser projector was referred  to.)

They passed around a sample engine, this is the sample new engine. 

I particularly like the very standard looking connector on one end. Plug and play. 

There was a good bit there about why they are partnering with Microvision, highlighting Microvision's expertise in LBS and their portfolio of 500 patents about LBS projection.

Time of flight presentation: 

All about their TOF tiny (really tiny) single point sensor that they use for camera focus. Engineers there made it a lot about how it works and asked detailed questions. Microvision didn't come up about it, but it was clearly an engineer presenting who was working on that item. Great background information no MVIS information. 

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