Thursday, April 27, 2017

Is there a problem with opportunities?

MicroVision represents a huge opportunity. They have exceptional technology that is applicable in multiple areas that have very significantly rising interest. 

Bigger screens:

Mobile computing has become increasingly powerful lately, reaching a saturation point with humanity, with little recent noteworthy innovation -- but the demand is always there for a larger screen size. MicroVision answers that.

Touch interactive Bigger screens. (need we really say more?)

Near Eye Displays:
Near-eye displays are up and coming as various companies are working on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices. (Microsoft with Hololens, Google with Google Glass, Facebook with Oculus Rift [ Valued by Facebook at purchase for $2 Billion ], Samsung with their Virtual Reality, Sony with VR for Playstation, Apple with their purchase of Metaio,  Meta, Vuzix, Osterhaut, etc.

Given how good the antique MicroVision Nomad looked next to some of these rivals, MicroVision will be well positioned here as well.

3D Scanning:

Self-driving cars, 3D printing, Maneuvering Robots, etc. There's a lot of buzz about this.
  • MicroVision recently started partnering with the world's leading maker of little electronic things - ST Microelectronics
  • They recently highlighted cooperation with Intel in making products
  • They have an order for an engine from a Chinese smartphone company. 
  • They have recent hires who are noteworthy people from the industry.
  • People rave about products with PicoP inside.
The big problem with big opportunities is impatience and hype. 

This is an opportunity in process... Microvision's technology answers a lot of current market demands.

I have never been more confident about where the company is and where its going.

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