Tuesday, April 25, 2017

If you licensed electronic products.....

If you could choose a single company, who would you want to license them to?

Many would say "Apple" because it's a premium brand for mobile devices.

I would say "Intel." 

Intel is everywhere.

The Intel Joule Compute Module is helping bring MicroVision’s new short throw interactive display engine to life. As a complementary solution to MicroVision’s PicoP® scanning engine, the Intel Joule module generates the processing power needed to run interactivity algorithms for next-generation, “beyond the screen” devices.

Modems, Memory, Processors, Servers, PC's, Boards, Processors, Miniature systems, etc.

As the internet of things gets started, small displays are going with the processors and connected devices that are going to be everywhere.

No better place to be.

Everywhere means EVERYWHERE.

They're in SHOES from Xiaomi

Intel Home Page (check the "products" heading on the top left and browse.)

So, when Microvision writes something up and highlights how Intel and Microvision products are working together... pay very close attention.

Microvision and Intel

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