Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Laser Expo

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MicroVision, Inc.

 A-28F Shinagawa Intercity, 2-15-1 Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1086028 Japan
 ● Contact
  PHONE:03-6717-4290 FAX:03-6717-4141
 ● Highlights
Recently, with improved performance of semiconductor lasers, laser beam scanning displays is getting more popular in the market. In addition, development of new applications with infrared and ultraviolet lasers is proceeding besides projector applications. At the exhibition booth, we will display the latest products and prototypes of MicroVision, and propose new technologies and applications that make full use of the features of the laser scanning method.
■ New projector engine
■ 3D sensor and application
 ● Products
PicoP® Scanning Engine PSE-0403-101/102 

Laser Beam Scanning Engine
- High definition display
- Always-in-focus images, even when in motion
- Vivid saturated colors
- Laser brightness and power efficiency
- Intense contrast ratio with true black
- Thinner than a pencil
- Short focal length option
Short throw Interactive Display Engine PSE-0403sti-101

- Single engine with short throw projected display and interactivity
- High definition, always-in-focus images
- Vivid, saturated colors
- Intense contrast ratio with true black
- Multi-mode operation:
> Display: table top and wall modes
> Interact: touch and point cloud modes
 ● Categories
-Light sources (Including light source devices)
-Integrated optical components
-Optical sensing including laser application

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