Friday, September 8, 2017

Future of Digital Communication... Restaurants

Nice article by Dawn Goetter

Fast Casual  -- The whole article is great. It was hard to 

By Dawn Goetter, director of marketing and corporate communications at MicroVision, Inc.
In this day and age, fresh, on-demand content is the expectation wherever we go — in restaurants that applies to both the food being served and the technology being used to deliver an excellent experience to diners. 
With restaurants' constantly changing menu offerings, promotions, FDA regulations, and beyond, digital communication is key as it allows restaurants to quickly and easily change or tweak content in real-time.

Projected display with interactive touch
This solution mimics the type of touchscreen display people are used to on a smartphone or tablet, and it disappears when not in use. Wherever the image is projected, there'll be a virtual touchscreen ready for ordering, game playing, calling for assistance, paying or giving feedback. 

Clear benefits
Restaurants can reap many benefits: higher sales, enhanced guest satisfaction, and a decrease in the need to print, clean and store menus.
With the quick integration of technologies into restaurants over the past several years, this future is near. In fact, this technology exists. And, staying ahead of the technology curve offers an opportunity to meet your customers' needs while improving the bottom line.

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