Friday, September 1, 2017

Quantum Brazil

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The first new feature presented by the brand that comes to revolutionize the sector is the Quantum V. With it, the user can watch videos on real screens, thanks to an image projector in HD, laser, integrated with the hardware of the smartphone, Without the need for additional accessories. The Quantum V user will have a unique projection feature with PicoP® Scanning technology. It allows videos to be projected with high image quality: the contrast and the colors of the projection stick to what is displayed on the screen.
Without the need for projection accessories, the device gets lighter and thinner. Thus, Quantum V facilitates the activity of those who need this type of technology, because the battery is only one; You need only the smartphone, unlike the attached projectors, that need a proper charge of energy. This means energy savings and prevents forgetting accessories from compromising a presentation or a moment of entertainment.
The device comes with features never seen on projectors that are on the market today as a continuous focus, ie, no manual adjustments are required in Quantum V so that the image appears defined in the bulkhead. In this way, consumers can present their contents on an 80-inch screen, at a distance of about 2m between the device and projection. "Our intention is increasingly to break with the traditional. That's why, with Quantum V, we want to offer the user a unique experience of entertainment and usability, never seen on another device, "says Vinícius.
Quantum V is also daring in other functions. With the large 4000mAh battery, the range of the device is guaranteed, with the possibility of projections for up to four continuous hours without the need to recharge. The device was also designed to ensure the storage of images and videos that allow good moments with the use of the projector. So it comes with 64GB of internal memory, plus 4GB of RAM. The Quantum V still features 5.5 "Full HD display, 1.5GHz Octa-Core processor, Android 7.0 Nougat and high resolution cameras, 13MP at the rear and 8MP at the front. These characteristics make the novelty a device that is not restricted to the final consumer seeking new technologies. "Quantum V is a gamble that can span other niche markets such as educational, corporate and government, For the potential that its projector demonstrates, "says Vinícius. The device reaches the market in November of this year, but can already be purchased in the online store of the brand with suggested price from R $ 1,799.

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