Monday, September 25, 2017

"Normal Course of Business"

At the stockholder this year there was clear excitement about engine 2. (PicoP with interactive time of flight feature.)

The samples of this engine were shipped on August 9 Last time samples of a new engine were shipped it took 78 days for the announcement of an order -- but they won't be required by SEC regulations to announce an order (and may be forbidden from announcing it by their customer.) Such an order would be "in the normal course of business," and exempt from a special announcement.

The distributor announcement was excellent.

From the outside we don't know the details of what's happening... 

Revisit the Basics of Microvision

... and this is a good one to revisit -- since it's been copied by another "writer."

Keystone of the Quadfecta

...10% of smartphones... gets MVIS stockholders CRAZY wealth.

Recheck the Calculator

I still expect news in 23 days or less.

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