Monday, September 11, 2017

Microvision basics revisited

I know there are some people new to watching MicroVision stock and MicroVision's technology.

For those of you who have been watching this for a long time, you may be used to seeing a lot of "dot-connecting" -- looking at various clues to see where MicroVision's tech may appear next... that is no longer being done publicly. I do have a small circle I share with regularly where that is still done... and things look VERY exciting.
There's a lot collected in here, and there will be some links at the bottom. This is for Mike in Minnesota --- and everyone else who's new to watching this.

Microvision Technology #1

Below is a picture taken of a picture projected with MicroVision's PicoP technology through a Celluon PicoAir.

Note that the picture on the phone (seen at the lower side of the picture) is the same as the projected picture. This gives you an idea of the size of the picture you can get with the tech in a dark room. If the room is bright, move the projector closer... the image is always in focus, so moving the projector isn't a problem.

I have polled a LOT of people about how much adoption they think this will get. When I ask "so, what percentage of the smart phones produced on earth do you think will get a projector like this when it's widely available?"  --- the answer is almost always "All of them!" -- I have never heard an answer less than 25%.

The world wide smartphone market last year was 1,500,000,000 Units.  I have provided a place for people to do their own "price targeting" on the stock of the company, in the PRICE Target CALCULATOR.

Microvision Technology #2

In addition to the straight up PicoProjector, MicroVision also now has a PicoProjector that has interactive touch with it. So, you can turn any surface into the equivalent (more or less) of a tablet-computer screen. See that here:

And here as a part of consumer products:

Microvision recently posted this article, where they expect this kind of thing can be sold directly to Restaurants:  For Restaurants

Also, there is the "Internet of Things" that is on the horizon and on MicroVision's Radar. (er... LiDAR) [A Trillion IoT Devices]

That, I covered here recently. Essentially, the Internet of things is going to have many Billions of devices connected together and processing information. These devices are very powerful. (Illustration HERE, Playing Doom on a Thermostat). 

Microvision Technology #3

The third technology is LiDAR. This has enormous potential -- 3D scanning can work to help automate machines, cars, do 3D scanning, indoor mapping, etc. Trying to assess what a market for this might be is a little more difficult, because nothing like this is in place yet. I will hazard a guess that a lot of automobiles and nearly every lawnmower on the planet will have it though. Who likes doing that?

LiDAR has been around for a while, but MicroVision is going to make it much smaller, better and cheaper. Kevin Watson, an MVIS employee who has previously been at Tesla, SpaceX and Velodyne, calls it the "Holy Grail of LiDAR sensors."

LiDAR and the Lost City of the Monkey God

LiDAR and ADAS -- Self Driving Cars.

What it may enable, sooner rather than later....

Microvision Technology #4
MicroVision is also a pioneer in near-eye displays, that are going to make wearing a computer and having the computer superimpose data directly on the world around you a reality. Not virtual reality -- where a new vision replaces everything around you, but Augmented Reality... where the computer adds stuff to the world around you.

This in it's most primitive form was played as a game by millions -- called Pokemon Go. Even last week, a small crowd collected outside a business in my own town of people playing this game.

If it's this popular played on a phone, imagine what it will be like when it's all around you.

And the practical applications for this are staggering. This technology can vastly improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and repair, and help teach people to do things much more effectively.

So, there's a quick summary of what's going on. When will all this happen?

The most important slide from the last stockholders' meeting tells you:

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