Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Forgotten Screen (no really)

From the smart phone available, after several generations of change, almost all of the mobile phone parts have been a depth of "change", envelope, material, processor, pixels, memory and so on. The screen problem, it seems that mobile phone manufacturers deliberately missed.
To "big screen mobile phone", can only be regarded as "full screen" transition products. The size of the phone is too large, not only inconvenient to carry, and the appearance is very rigid. And "full screen" will not have such a problem, to meet the premise of the portable, "full screen" mobile phone with the largest "screen rate" to the user the best visual experience. Throughout the mobile phone market, not only the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 eye-catching, there is a dark orange VOGA is also a dark horse in the mobile phone market cut a striking figure, occupy a place.


 It is understood that the orange VOGA V has a variety of suitable scenarios, including family scenes, outdoor scenes, entertainment scenes and office scenes. For consumers, the more diversified application of the scene so that the green VOGA V more attractive, unlimited infinite connection, sharing will also be unlimited delivery.

From the era of a comprehensive screen, green orange VOGA V with technology to change the "view" sector, a mobile phone is also a portable private theater. The next decade of the science and technology sector, "unbounded full screen", let us look forward to!

Eventually, they MUST use PicoP

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