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Senior LiDAR Systems Engineer

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Job Description

MicroVision has developed a highly disruptive automotive LiDAR sensor and computing platform based on the ultra-miniature 3D laser scanning technology pioneered by the company. We are using the latest advancements in machine learning, computer vision and computing technologies to give our LiDAR sensors amazing perception capabilities for autonomous vehicles. This is not your grandfather’s low-resolution spinning-bucket-of chicken-on the-roof-of-the-car LiDAR sensor. No, this is a LiDAR sensor that is half the volume of your cellphone and costs about as much. It produces beautiful, dense point clouds that look like high resolution video and, importantly, can be mass produced in quantities in the millions.

We continue to build out our world class engineering team and have an immediate opportunity for a badass Senior LiDAR Systems Engineer at our Redmond, WA facility. Do you like finding elegant solutions to really hard problems? Do you find that engineering comes naturally to you and you’ve always dug deeper to understand the underlying physics of a problem? As a kid, did you spend hours trying to find a generalizable closed-form solution to the three-body problem because you didn’t believe your high-school physics teacher? Are you the type of engineer that craves an environment where you’re close to blue lakes, green forests, and it occasionally rains? If this describes you, then we want to hear from you.

Our team is made up of the very best minds from industry. We are experts in autonomous robotics, computational computer vision, fault-tolerant spacecraft avionics, automotive and consumer electronics. We’ve played significant roles at Google, SpaceX, Lytro, Velodyne LiDAR and within NASA/JPL’s avionics and robotics communities. As a hardcore engineering team, we don’t believe in half measures and we’re looking for more engineers just like us.

Required Skills

We are looking for a Senior or Principal Systems Engineer that is comfortable working across the optical, electro-optical, MEMS, mechanical & electrical engineering disciplines to help model and plan our next generation LiDAR photonics module. This is a full-time salaried position at our Redmond, WA facility.

What you’ll be doing:
Work within a small, agile engineering team to help define, model, prototype, design, deliver and mass produce a world-class LiDAR sensor. 

Maintain and manage product system, sub-system and component requirements and specifications thru the entire product life cycle.

Perform hands-on modeling, design, testing and evaluation of new LiDAR and imaging hardware & software.Required Experience

An analytical mindset to probe, test and decompose challenging system problems into root cause issues with strong, detail oriented skills to solve them.

Intuitive understanding of optoelectronic and opt-mechanical design, packaging, assembly, integration and test principles.

Excellent teamwork skills are essential as we have a strict no jerk policy.

(A question to ask yourself as you look at this: Velodyne is making LiDAR for cars that is large, and they charge $75,000 for it. (LATimes) They have other units, with the cheapest going for $4,000. What happens when it can be produced in mass quantities, in much smaller units, for the price of your smartphone?

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