Thursday, May 3, 2018

LiDAR Highest Resolution, Steerable point cloud, Inexpensive, Tiny

  • Security
  • Robotics
  • Driver Assistance
  • Self Driving Vehicles
  • Interactive Displays

If this company were to go public right now (with zero debt and ready for mass production), what would the market cap be right after IPO?


UPDATE -- Nice they're providing news... :-)

MicroVision Delivers LiDAR Sensing Samples with New Time-of-Flight ASICS

REDMOND, Wash., May 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MicroVision, Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS), a leader in innovative ultra-miniature projection display and sensing technology, today announced that it has provided product samples for customer evaluation that include the company’s latest time-of-flight ASICS. These new ASICS have specialized circuitry that enables MicroVision’s MEMS scanners to be used as LiDAR sensors.

MicroVision’s Time-of-Flight (MTOF) ASICS were developed specifically for use with the company’s MEMS scanners and other system components to create highly accurate, small form-factor LiDAR sensors that capture 3D point clouds of the area in front of the device.

The MTOF ASICS were developed on a high-performance RF process and achieve the low power and low cost objectives of MicroVision’s ASIC program.

“Our MTOF ASICS represent a tangible step forward in our goal to bring small, inexpensive LiDAR-based products to the consumer, smart home, and automotive markets. Our interactive projector for IoT applications, and our consumer LiDAR for smart home and office applications will use these ASICS,” said Perry Mulligan, MicroVision’s Chief Executive Officer.

MicroVision is working to bring to market LiDAR sensors for various applications that have point cloud densities of 5 million to 20 million points per seconds in resolutions of approximately 720 vertical lines. These products are expected to be available for volume production in early 2019.

The competition? Much bigger, much heavier, less dense point cloud... 

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