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Projection Smart Speaker Solution

Projection Smart Speaker Solution Based on Microvision Thunderbird PSE-0403st-101

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UBI Interactive

Apple's Tim Cook "“HomePod is widely recognized for having the best sound quality for its size and class,” Cook says, skirting concerns over HomePod sales. “We’re looking forward to adding new features to HomePod.” (The Verge -- Thx R)

Most smart speakers use intelligent voice assistant as the main method of human-machine interaction. However, at present, the intelligent voice assistant is still in infancy. The voice recognition development direction of the voice assistant is basically based on instructions. Basically, the understanding of simple and clear instructions will not go wrong, but when it comes to daily chat, their weaknesses are fully exposed. For the complex human language and emotions, the understanding of the machine is still quite low. The matter of letting the machine understand humans is just beginning to take off.
Therefore, in order to improve the user experience, smart speakers need to add other interactive methods. Microvision and UBI launched the laser projection touch solution to solve this problem. Microvision's Thunderbird laser projection module features small size, low power consumption, and no focusing, which fully meets the needs of smart speaker products. UBI's Camera and infrared laser modules can solve the user's need for interaction.
MicroVision , the founder of PicoP® laser scanning technology, developed a series of ultra-micro laser scanning projection solutions using laser beam scanning methods. MicroVision's advanced display solutions can adapt to a wide range of applications and unique styling designs. The solution has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, no focusing, large viewing angle, high contrast, and high chroma, which can bring new experiences and applications to the field of mobile devices.

DragonBoard 410C (Qualcom)

System functions

1, support WiFi connection router 
2, support laser projection and multi-touch 
3, support for voice recognition 
4, support for online music, video, interactive games

Project features

1, built-in Android OS 
2, the projection size can be adjusted with the height 
3, the output image resolution 1080 * 720 
4, free focus, you can in various shapes of the background surface imaging 
5, HDMI and MIPI interface, supports a variety of smart speaker program .

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