Friday, May 11, 2018

Another Visit from Randy

I've been busy, and contemplating the CC, past CC's, the license agreement, and other recent news.

The recent license agreement seems to indicate that enough cash will be available for everything. There is a key phrase in the press release about the purchase of MEMS and ASICS. I would like to know what the margins on those components will be. Either way it looks like in the next year a minimum of 25-35 million in revenue to the company.

This does NOT include any exclusive right to other parts of their technology portfolio. (Not LiDAR / 3D sensing, not interactive Display, not Near Eye Display.) Which means this is in addition to other things we think are probably going to be bigger money makers.

"The agreement does not include a license to MicroVision technology related to interactive displays, LiDAR and 3D sensing, or near-eye applications, such as augmented or virtual reality, which remain key vertical markets for MicroVision."

There have been some assumptions about display only PicoP -- that it wasn't going to earn much for the company, the company didn't care, etc. I was never a believer in that theory. That display technology answers two huge problems for the most popular consumer electronics product. (said so the other day here) 

Consumers universally want their smartphones to be physically smaller with a larger display.

Product Adoption -- can happen at a stunning rate. 

Cellphones went from nothing to huge very quickly, and cameras in smartphones even faster. One of the things about cameras, is that people like to share the pictures they take -- MORE than they like to take the pictures.
Now, the idea that the company would be forced to raise money is mostly off the table. (This licensing agreement isn't going to be the only revenue source) 

Shorts -- (about 12% of the float) stand a pretty good chance of being in trouble.

One mention of MicroVision on financial media in the same breath as any specific "Tier 1" technology company, and things will change completely.

When that happens new potential investors will start learning about it the way it is today.. (They won't care how much pain investors in the company from the past 20 years have felt, not even a little bit.) 

Things are looking really good. 

When  we get mentioned with one of these companies, and some of the investors take just a little of their money to invest in MVIS... things could get VERY interesting, very quickly.

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