Friday, January 26, 2018

Product adoption

Some may be prone to mope because the fuse it lit, and the rocket has yet to launch.

Not even the most awesome products hit the ground in a frenzy. A recent example is Instantpot : Founded in 2009, started moving in 2014, a frenzy in 2017. (Overnight success! says the media.)

We're moving, Moviphone has had deliverables for 29 days. (And already got great press over it.)

Good charts of adoption are difficult to find ( partly because, as you'll see, they're difficult to fit on a screen and be readable at both ends.)

So, I found this page from PetaPixel. It has a couple of very interesting charts of adoption.

This is of CAMERA Sales.... Sucks to be in cameras? unless you think you just went back to sort of normal from a decade of amazing.

Just remember when you're looking at this, that people only take pictures because they like to SHARE them.

If we add cameras that are included on cellphones, we get a bit of a different picture. The GOLD area is cameras on phones..... except they fade out at the top of the graph.

Well, happily, they put something on there so we could see the top of the graph --- but the screen graphics kind of break down. Well, there you are with cellphones included.

That's how a market grows, how it can grow.... and in my humble opinion, Picoprojection is in the year 2003 on this graph. (Don't forget there's also near eye displays, LiDAR, Interactive Displays, and whatever the Black Box project is.)

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