Sunday, January 21, 2018

Meta & Ultrahaptics & Other Augmented Reality. -- CES

I had a chance to test Meta with Ultrahaptics. This combination is amazing. You really can feel something in the middle of space. The haptic effect is in space, and they make it go with ultrasound.

The display of the meta is pretty good (relative to other AR) but in my experience still distant from what Microvision is capable of. He knew the name Microvision but deflected any deeper inquiries. It's obvious that the two companies have some connections -- how many and how deep I don't know, but Microvision has to be on Meta's Radar, and the other way around as well.

The headset is not comfortable to wear, It's heavy and it made my head feel unbalanced. The field of view left a lot to be desired. It's also a tethered system... so far....Microsoft is ahead of them in that department, but the whole space has a lot of moving parts. (the control interface, the software, the display, applications, etc.) So far, best near eye display I've seen is Microvision's -- and it's WAY ahead of anything else I've seen. 

The haptics works through a kind of mat --- so the area is limited.

This is still an emerging technology that has a LOT of interest from a lot of people.... and there are very good reasons for the interest. -- Increased productivity, and the ability to see 3D images. (see MRI video below) There's a lot to be done on the software side... and it will need a better display which Microvision can supply.

Asked David for a picture so I could be sure to remember just who I talked to.

If you have ever looked at MRI films and tried to understand what they were about, this should look amazing. Now imagine being able to walk around it and get it from different perspectives.... I saw that with the Hololens...  (but again, the hololens display could use some significant improvement.) 

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