Wednesday, January 17, 2018

CES -- Partial Debrief.

I had a lot going on the last few days and wasn't able to give a CES debrief the time it  deserved (so there was none).

This is the Hololens I had the opportunity to try. The company was using it and Oculus to look in brains.

Cool stuff, but the display needs work.

Just a taste of how busy the show is. This is ONE hallway in the Main area of the Las Vegas Convention center, and there were nine major display areas -- and hallways like this to connect them.

Sometimes the booth numbers were difficult to find. (One of the more than 9 maps.... there were also suites, outdoor areas, and other spaces divided up for display and meetings.)

Which leads to walking days like this.... 

Other days, not so dramatic, because of a lot of time waiting in line.  It took 40 minutes to get to the Vuzix Blade.

The Vuzix Blade.... more like a HUD that you wear than Augmented Reality. Cool Alexa integration, looks like they'll have some handy software. Something to watch as an eyewear solution, but not as a display competitor.

Hololamp has a cool tool, and we know that Microvision is in their toolbox. They said an issue with brightness.

I think that Engine Two brings them out strongly. Their projector now is quite large and intrusive, and it doesn't need to be. (their touch interactivity left something to be desired as well.  But This as a tool could be very useful and fun.

Check out their Hololamp youTube Channel

Haier -- << the link there shows a projection Air Conditioner... I was probably ten feet away from it, but missed it.

Below is the ASU smart-cast watch. I think there's going to be very limited use of this -- at least in this view, it doesn't add much to the watch experience for its size. (use it to share pictures, or for teachers-- maybe.)

They admitted a strange relationship of this engine -- which is not MVIS, but is related to the Bosch Engine. The Bosch engine was featured in the lamp kind of product below -- the two mirror solution. It has lousy resolution. (showed a picture of someone at the front door, for example, who was unrecognizable.... the resolution is 480.)

I suspect the Bosch Engine is also produced by STM (It looks very similar.) and STM basically panned that engine at their presentation in Seattle.

[This was corrected by someone at Bosch: Thank you for your visit at Bosch booth during CES. I want to correct one comment on this side. You saw the ASU watch at our booth. The engine is produced not by STM then by Bosch. Could you please correct your comment on this side?
Thank you and best regards

There are more moving parts to this space than it's possible to keep track of. (I'm not concerned about these iterations they're just showing that people are interested in the technology, and MicroVision's projector is clearly better -- brighter and higher resolution.

QD Laser the Retissa -- I only got a quick try with this. It does make an interesting floating image, and they tell me that the image is there and in focus no matter what the visual acuity of the wearer. (If you have to wear coke-bottle glasses, this still works perfectly.)

Unfortunately there was a very significant language barrier (OR they didn't want to answer my questions.)

I don't know if it's Microvision or not, but looks to be.


Found the Sanbot -- Notice that it will use "Alexa for home use" and that it has a projector in the back of its head. It's MicroVision's stuff. (Sony engine) The picture here doesn't do the picture on the wall justice.

This is as good a picture I could get of Goertek. 

Someone's solid state car sensor. I'm going to stick my neck out and say the point cloud isn't that good.

Another display of sensors.

And a familiar looking Heads Up Display. (We're dealing with software. (I'm not seeing any tell-tale scan lines.) Of course it was impossible to see everything. It would have been impossible to see all of the auto area.

Tried every kind of Augmented reality display I could get my hands on... Microvision doesn't have much to worry about there.... AR NEEDS MicroVision.

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