Wednesday, January 10, 2018

CES Day 2

18,500 steps...  Shout-out to Dr. Bill.

A little tired.

Saw whole augmented reality area. Some of the devices are cool, but the displays are dismal next to the capabilities of Microvision.

Some have resolution, but none have field of view. Decent picture with 10degree field of view on a heavy headset isn't much to get excited about.

The Vuzix Blade is a cool device --- the display is decent for what it is, but it seems more like an enhanced google glass. Very small, but decent display with very limited field of view. More a wearable HUD than "Augmented Reality."

Everything else I tried had limited field of view. 

Saw MicroVision in the SanBot, which they say is selling well, and the projector is a very popular feature.

More attention for Moviphone.... 

MoviPhone 1

Time Magazine

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