Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Early Stage Viral....

More and more talk about it will do us well.

KEY components in emerging tech arenas. 

Amazon Echo Spot

Patently Apple

System #10 may include input-output circuitry such as touch sensors, buttons, microphones to gather voice input and other input, sensors, and other devices that gather input (e.g., user input from viewer 16) and may include light-emitting diodes, one or more displays, speakers, and other devices for providing output (e.g., output for viewer 16).
System #10 may, if desired, include wireless circuitry and/or other circuitry to support communications with a computer or other external equipment.
In addition, system #10 may include sensors such as an accelerometer, compass, an ambient light sensor or other light detector, a proximity sensor, a scanning laser system, an images sensor, and/or other sensors may be used in gathering input during operation of the display.
During operation, the control circuitry may supply image content to the display. The content may be remotely received from a computer or other content source coupled to system #10 (like Apple TV or an iDevice).
Apple's patent FIG. 2A noted below is a top view of an illustrative near-eye display system having an optical system including an input coupler and an output coupler at least partially embedded in a waveguide substrate.


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