Monday, July 30, 2018

Google Smart Screens

For Reasons I stated before, I give us very very high chances of being involved here.

Microvision and Google Smart Screens << from earlier this year.

Washington Post

Google isn’t backing down in the fight for the smart home. On Thursday, the tech company said it’s releasing the first of several home assistant devices with screens slated for the summer.
The Smart Display, built by Lenovo and running Google’s Android Things software for Internet-connected devices, hits stores this weekend. Like Google’s Home, Home Mini and Home Max, the Smart Display lets you control it with your voice and focuses on playing music. But it also has either an eight-inch or 10-inch screen, on which you can watch YouTube videos, have a video chat or get better answers to some questions.
The Smart Display starts at $200.
The Lenovo Smart Display is the first of several similar devices that Google revealed in January, at the CES technology trade show. JBL, Sony and LG were also set to release Google Assistant devices with screens in the summer.

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