Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Just got the Hololens intro in Seattle. Nice! (UPDATED)

Thanks for the great Hololens experience Tressa!

Really busy making up for lost time yesterday, so this will be relatively brief...

  • Display was much better than the version I saw at CES, yet still with a fairly narrow field of view
    • Not sure of what the display is... Ghosting wasn't noticeable, (although we were in a fairly bright room) and resolution much improved over what I've seen before. (my understanding is that there are multiple versions out there now.)
      • Display had a "glass sandwich" lense
      • When I turned my head quickly, there were three dots (red, green and blue) in the middle of the FOV. 
      • Still not the wide field of view that I expect from MVIS. (NOMAD had a MUCH wider field of view than this.)
  • Applications for business, gaming, education, etc will be amazing
    • I only saw one real application at CES (Looking at MRI of head)
    • Here got to see educational programs, analytic things, visit places, etc.
  • It was no problem to get the appointment to see it, so I recommend people try it.

  • It ran slowly at one point as I went from application to application, and when I turned around I realized I'd left a roomfull of open application windows behind me. It's really weird to see screens open littering a room. (and no one else can see them.)
  • At another point, I was looking at something and someone walked through my screen and stopped. The screen then looked like it had half a guy sticking through it (no content written on him, it was like he was stuck through a physical screen. (very strange, but cool.)
  • You can occasionally see the device scanning the room. (like they show in some of the videos.
  • If you pull up a "picture" of something... like the globe or a shark, you can walk around the thing and see it from different angles... or spin it with gestures.
  • You can make things look bigger, but that usually means making them further away. (field of view.)
  • It will take most people a few days to get used to the gesture control. It was sometimes difficult to control just because I either didn't know which gesture to do, or I had to think about it.
  • At some point these kinds of devices will have an as yet to be discovered set of unintended consequences. (After about 20 minutes, reality and the display kind of started to mentally blend... which was interesting.)

My thesis on Hololens (and other similar devices) is as follows: 
  • Their utility for doing things, teaching, and having fun, is why they WILL be popular. 
  • MicroVision has the best near eye displays tech. What I saw yesterday was the best I'd seen in a product other than Nomad so far, but in regards to FOV Nomad has it beaten easily. So whatever happens, no matter what anyone else comes up with Microvision will have a place at the table.
  • The market for this will be enormous.

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