Monday, July 2, 2018

Augmented Reality - Unique Outdoor Planetarium

The unique ability of Augmented Reality to TEACH is the biggest reason it will succeed.

This is a great sample.

Look at the actual night sky. Label the stars. Show the constellations. What was hard to learn becomes easy to learn.

As we have learned from the recent news about "foveated rendering" the system can know where your eye is pointing. 

Imagine how quickly you could 

  • learn a new language
    • Imagine learning a foreign language in your own home. Set glasses for Japanese. When you focus on a pencil, the system highlights the pencil and puts up the Japanese word for pencil, (鉛筆) and says "Enpitsu"  Fluency in a new language could happen at rates that are now unimaginable.
  • work on engines or mechanical things
  • identify edible plants
If you could simply exist in an environment and focus on the things that you want to know about and the name, definition, sound or explanation appears to you. How awesome would that be for learning?

Toronto City News

MONTREAL – Jeremy Fontana was always getting questions from guests about the stars in the night sky above his outdoor retreat in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.
So he decided to find a way that would help star struck visitors understand the mysteries of the heavens above.
“If you could look at the real sky and, at the same time know what you were looking at, it would be perfect,” Fontana said in an interview from the Au Diable Vert resort in Glen Sutton, Que.
So about two years ago, Fontana connected with Andrew Fazekas, a science writer and educator to create ObservEtoiles, an outdoor planetarium that uses augmented reality.

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