Tuesday, July 10, 2018

People watch Display only, Mobile gaining on TV Sets

This.... and most of it is streaming anyway.

This will change even more when more people can put a big screen in their pocket.


Making the Season 5 opener available to subscribers at midnight on July 1 AKA eight hours before it was shown on television, the Starz App saw a massive surge of 115% over streams of the Season 4 debut. That’s a premiere high for the app and a payoff in Starz’s investment in its own future from one of its already most watched shows that can’t be ignored It is also a warning sign to the competition on cable and more, especially after the tongue lashing that Warner Media exec John Stankley gave HBO staff at a town hall late last month after the AT&T acquisition was complete.
Perhaps more interesting for Starz and Power is that App growth continued from the July 1 S5 opener well into the July 4 holiday and beyond last week with 84% more customer adds than was experienced in 2017.
Cords? to paraphrase Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future, where Power is going they clearly don’t need cords -cut or otherwise.

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