Friday, July 27, 2018

Saw Mohammed Yesterday....


Very nice guy, very sharp. Had a meeting with T-Mobile in the last few days. There is interest... but can't really make any predictions about how things will go.

Says that he's shipped phones to a number of major tech companies. (Google, Apple, etc.) So, at whatever level, they know things are on the radar.

Nod to Sharp/Foxconn.

(Based on e-mail question: Nearly every electronic device made has multiple manufacturers involved in the production of a product. Sharp makes parts for Samsung & Apple, and Sony..... Samsung makes parts for Apple and everyone else. Qualcomm makes parts for everyone.... so naming one company doesn't necessarily eliminate any others.)

Shipping everything he can get, but needs to grow organically unless he finds some capital.

.... Edit... Also said the DLP version he was considering isn't going to happen. They cant compete... 

He wasn't particularly happy with the people who set appointments with him the day before and didn't show.

Order the phone buttons going up.

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