Saturday, August 8, 2015

Attention from the Investor Press -- Forbes

Not a huge mention, but this is WHERE MicroVision has to be mentioned to get more investor traction. Good investors dig past the headlines. I could see the stock price getting a bump from this.


I can certainly see the usefulness of this, and how it allows the PS4 to become a little bit more mobile like what we’re now seeing with Windows 10 Xbox One streaming. Granted, you’ll have to move the console itself around if you want to keep it hooked up to HDMI, but you can take it anywhere with a wall and a power outlet and you’ll have the ability to play the system.

I can even see this solving the “shared TV” problem that’s largely the point of Xbox One streaming. In this case, you could potentially angle the projector to an adjacent wall, pop in some headphones and play a game while someone else watches TV. That’s something even Xbox can’t offer with its new functionality.

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