Monday, August 31, 2015

Two Years Ago...

At the annual stockholders' meeting two years ago, we were treated to a vision of the future. Where a PicoP projector was seen in a tablet computer, and attached to a  cellphone. 

The picture that came from those devices was excellent. Nearly as good as what shows from the Celluon PicoAir and PicoPro. Those of us who attended that meeting all appreciated that awesome glimpse into the future. We know that eventually we will see such products during our daily lives and that other people will think they're as incredible as we do.

I'm sure there has been progress made even since PicoAir and PicoPro. I am expecting to see devices like this for sale soon. 

Way to go management and crew at MicroVision!! 

The party hasn't started yet, but the celebratory beverages are on ice.

I'm expecting good things soon -- there's no guarantee that any particular event will feature an announcement for us, but there is an October release of the MPCL1 -- it will almost certainly be getting something before that. 

The storms in the Pacific Northwest have apparently knocked out the internet at my primary workplace.

I'm only keeping up with things through short times spent at the public library and coffee shops.

I'll be at one of them for the SONY presentation on the 2nd. Repairs should happen on Thursday.

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