Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wild ride for Virtual & Augmented Reality - Christmas 2015

MicroVision stock? I'm going to keep holding it. Tight. My shares are NOT for sale.

It won't be long before a LOT more people see what's cooking under the hood.

Time Magazine

It's going to be a wild ride—and it starts this Christmas

In the August 17 cover story of TIME, we take a deep look at the mainstreaming of virtual reality, the long-promised technology that is now becoming widely available to consumers. Headsets from Facebook’s Oculus, Valve, Sony, Microsoft, Google and many others will start going on sale this year, and competition will increase dramatically through 2016. Throughout this year, we set out to try every major in-development headset out there. These devices promise to change not only entertainment, but education, health, and work. Here’s some of what we learned:

3. Silicon Valley is pouring money into the concept like crazy.

Venture capitalist Mike Rothenberg, who runs a VR accelerator, says his firm has already secured enough money to invest in a second round of virtual-reality companies this fall. “It’s hard for people to write checks for virtual reality until they try it. Then, not that hard,” he says. He likens this opportunity to the Internet in 1995. “No one calls a company an ‘Internet company’ anymore. In 10 years, everyone will have VR as part of their company.”

Who leads in Augmented Reality Patents? Microvision. This chart was before Apple Purchased metaio.

Who Leads in Augmented Reality?

MVIS = Takeover Target?

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