Monday, August 31, 2015

Gene Munster, Apple, Augmented Reality

Apple Insider

Business Insider

Munster has picked up on a few clues within the industry that indicate Apple could be working on some type of augmented-reality device. For example, the company acquired a German augmented-reality startup called Metaio earlier this year, a move that was reported back in May.

Munster notes that Metaio owns 171 worldwide patents related to augmented-reality technology, which would put Apple in 11th place for the number of augmented-reality and head-mounted-display patents held. Google, Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung remain ahead of Apple in that regard.

Of course, MicroVision leads in those patents, but who's counting? We noted this in May of this year. 

MicroVision leads in Augmented Reality Patents

Apple Head Mounted Display Patent

If you read this Gene, say hi to your brother Mike who was in my class at STA.


  1. PatentVue has an updated table that shows that Microvision, while no longer at the top, it is still in the top ten with some very large players.

    1. They made two graphs. There are graphs for "Augmented Reality" patents. Then there is a second for "Augmented Reality and Head mounted displays" in which MicroVision is not at the top.

      I will give it another look.

      If you have a specific link for something you think I missed, I'll adjust the post accordingly.