Friday, August 28, 2015

iPad Pro -- UPDATED (again)

I'm not a big fan of unsubstantiated Apple rumors. I'm highly dubious that PicoP would end up as its first big release in an Apple Product, but this bears watching.


Geek Snack -- iPad Pro Projector

There will be improved camera setups on the iPad Air Pro, and the projector the company will be using will be even better than those used by Lenovo in their Yoga line-up, and those are pretty darn good indeed. Besides having a projector, the iPad Air Pro will also come with a magnetic keyboard and stylus, to make the device a true multitasking beast, especially fit for office work and editing work.


iPad Pro WILL be at September 9 event



A reader reminded me of this from Patently Apple. (Thanks for jogging the memory.) 

Again, please don't interpret this as a prediction being made that there will be a projector in the iPad Pro. I'm simply collecting evidence and finding places to watch for the appearance of PicoP. 

It does look very interesting though.
At Patently Apple

So some things from the recent past
Apple TV
Desk Free computer
Apple & Primesense (mentions MicroVision)

End Update #2

UPDATE: So, a friend calls after seeing this, (thank you Jason!) and is quite excited, because he recognized something about the case shown here. It puts things in interesting perspective:

The case is a case and a stand. (Which make the idea of a a USB-C port in that location seem even less likely) Here are the pictures of the case he sent me. I think he's onto something.

As you can see, the form factor of the case he has, and the one in the leak are very similar.

The cutout in the side of the flap doesn't look like much, unless you know what it does:


This doesn't make me sure of anything, but this combined with keystone correction (that we know SONY/MicroVision do) and this is a VERY interesting combination.

All of my previous cautions about getting too excited still stand.

by the way, if you have a comment or insight, respectful comments are certainly welcome. (I'll post everything that isn't rude or spam.)

-- End Update -- 

I am including this because:

  •  a previous report speculated that there would be a projector in the iPad Pro, from a credible source. (iPad Air Pro
  • This report relies on information from Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who has been very accurate in his Apple predictions.
  • The additional opening is in an optimal location for a projector
  • The additional opening is credited to be for a USB-C connector, but it is (in my opinion) not an optimal location for a USB-C connection, and it seems, (particularly in the second image) to be significantly larger than it would need to be for a USB-C connection.

Again this is simply something that I'm going to watch, I've listed above the reasons I'm going to watch it much more closely.

Openings for stereo speakers on the bottom and top of the case, as well as an additional opening on the left side for an additional Lightning or USB-C port indicate this could be the real deal. The cases are also remarkably similar to the ones Sonny Dickson leaked last week. 
And then there's this spurious beauty from China's Weibo network...

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