Saturday, July 18, 2015

iPad Air Pro -- UPDATED

This is a rumor, so far, based on leaks. Please take this with that grain of salt.

It is however the kind of rumor and the kind of leak we've been waiting for. If this is a SONY PicoP component going into the iPad, that would be fantastic. If not it will still get us significant attention if this rumor gets legs, and especially if it pans out. 

Again, this is a small bit of information in a large sea of it. It will be interesting if it pans out, but there are no guarantees. The wording of this leads me to give it reasonable credibility... November is a long way off.

UPDATE (7-23-15)
Further support for the existence of this iPad (but perhaps not support for the projector.) IT does give this further credibility.
From Business Insider
From Wall Street Journal

From GeekSnack -- there's a lot more to the article than the paragraphs I've pulled below -- go check out the original article

The iPad Air Pro release date coincides with that of the iPad Mini 4 and another mysterious device, which might be a new iPad Pro or a new Mac. The third device is a mystery, as there are only a few unofficial statements from people saying they’re “insiders” or “close to the matter” stating that three big launches are to be expected this Fall. The iPad Air Pro release date is tipped for November, although that does refer to the public release rather than the launch event itself. The iPad Air 3 as some might call it will most likely be launched in October, after the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 release concludes.
There will be improved camera setups on the iPad Air Pro, and the projector the company will be using will be even better than those used by Lenovo in their Yoga line-up, and those are pretty darn good indeed. Besides having a projector, the iPad Air Pro will also come with a magnetic keyboard and stylus, to make the device a true multitasking beast, especially fit for office work and editing work. Specifications will be over the roof, but there’s no word on whether Apple plans to innovate in the battery life department as well. Adding a projector to the mix will surely bring up power consumption in the iPad Air Pro, which might be a challenge to resolve.

Our sources tell us not to expect the iPad Air Pro price to be below $1500, which is quite a lot to pay for a tablet. But it’s a reasonable price for a convertible, which is why we’re leaning towards the belief that Apple is going to approach a new type 

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