Thursday, July 9, 2015

MicroVision's Brilliant Management

MicroVision licenses an imaging technology. While it may be included in devices that exist only to have this imaging technology, it's best use has always been anticipated to be a component in other devices. 

Embedded in smart phones has long been the goal for PicoP technology. Even when the best phones were flip-phones. I don't remember the last time I saw one.

So, given supply chain difficulties where would a brilliant management team take Microvision? Once the supply chain problems were solved, what would be the best partner for MicroVision? 

A company with these qualities?
  • makes the best imaging products
  • makes its own innovative consumer electronics products
  • makes outstanding cellphones
  • makes components for all other major OEM's cell phones
  • Has huge video content library & distribution
That's where MicroVision's management has taken us - to SONY. MicroVision's management managed to get SONY as a partner.

There could be no better partner. It will be a mutually beneficial association that will benefit all parties: MicroVision, SONY, their customers and their shareholders.

No better possible partner exists than SONY. If for no other reason than they make camera components for every major smartphone on earth. They're so good they're having trouble keeping up with demand.

When PicoP -- SONY's next great component rolls out -- they're already selling components to Apple, Samsung & Xiaomi -- the big three cellphone makers. 

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