Saturday, July 25, 2015

Xperia _5 "Made for Bond" Phone

It was a couple of months ago. There were some things written about James Bond using a SONY phone in the upcoming James Bond movie.

It would be an amazing way to jump-start the marketing of a new technology. (Spectre release has been featured on the catalysts page since then)

Other than thinking it's what I would do, I have no reason to assume that MicroVision will be found here.

It is fun to think what a splash it would be, and I'll keep watching.

Sony to "supersize" it's screen  Tech Radar

That being said, earlier this year thanks to the leaked Sony emails, it was revealed that Sony had offered the current James Bond actor Daniel Craig a whopping $5 million fee to use a Sony smartphone in the next Bond movie, but at that time it was suggested that both Craig and director Sam Mendes turned the offer down. However if these images are the real deal, maybe they did come to an agreement after all.
Phone Arena
Uber Gizmo

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