Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Visit to Celluon

I had a chance to sit down with Pete Choe of Celluon yesterday. Mostly to get a feel for how things are going for Celluon, the kinds of customer response, and anticipation for the future.

It's a small office in Renton, Washington. There are several people working there. It isn't a retail location, but I was told that yes, I could show up and purchase a unit.

I expect good things from their marketing efforts. They have produced a couple of videos that were excellent. 

Rather than do the extra work of turning this into a narrative, this is some of what I learned:
  • There is demand for the product
  • Sales are solid (Of course every company wants more.)
  • Supply of the product is sufficient
  • People love the product
  • Best Buy and other retailers are still in the works
  • Pete learned about "PicoTV" from people calling and asking about it
  • They could take a large order for a custom product. (I asked if I could get 10,000 pink units, could they make that happen?)
  • We can expect marketing of the product soon. This is also a clue that there isn't a supply shortage. 

I took this photo 7/8/2015 - Got Pete laughing.

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