Friday, July 31, 2015

Nintendo -- Emotion Projector !?

In the most recent conference call, CEO Alexander Tokman spoke about the interesting new ways people are using PicoP.

I'm not sure if PicoP is in this, (but it should be) and this is definitely an interesting new way to use a versatile display like the PicoP.

Thanks Jason!

Nintendo Projector

Nintendo’s attempts to diversify its revenue streams are about to get a little more unusual, with the company proposing a device that projects images above your bed.

A recently filed patent application reveals that Nintendo is working on a bedside dock with a built-in projector. The dock will hold an as yet unknown device, probably a smartphone, and will detect the user’s emotions using a microphone and camera.

It is believed that the projector patent relates to the healthcare platform that Nintendo announced late last year. At the time, Nintendo explained that the aim of the project was to improve quality of sleep and it is possible that the projector is a way of gamifying the process of falling asleep. Other sleep data like body temperature and pulse rate is also recorded, sent to the cloud and then analysed so appropriate feedback can be given.

Should the device see a commercial release, it would mark a significant departure away from Nintendo’s usual offering in the video game market. That being said, sleep tracking technology is being offered by a number of other businesses, either through specialist hardware or a smartphone app.

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