Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Verizon Eyeing Millennial Media? & A Motley Fool lesson

So, the Motley Fool is all over delivering video and advertising through mobile networks -- with a focus on Verizon.

This should be very interesting to holders of $MVIS. Motley Fool often makes good calls about large trends. It's also very influential in getting people into stocks (CHECK MM since article below was released) And they're VERY close to discovering MicroVision -- it won't take much.

What this says about the ecosystem for PicoP is also amazing. Verizon is into Mobile video for advertising -- and they're clearly working hard on it. They purchased AOL for its ability to deliver video advertising.

Verizon is also the SONY carrier in the US.

If video advertising is a strong suit for Verizon, Verizon will be able to subsidize the cost of PicoP (the delivery) and the content to consumers. Making mobile video consumption that much more popular. 

When the Fax machine arrived on the market it was a hard sell. The idea was interesting, but your Fax machine wasn't any good unless someone else had one too. This is a further illustration that PicoP will arrive into an ecosystem that is already demanding it. PicoP will help sell the other services Verizon wants to sell -- like subscriptions to watch NFL football, and advertising as well.

We're almost there.

While AOL may be most known for its dial-up services and growing content empire —which includes The Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch—it also has put together a sophisticated suite of advertising technologies for online and traditional media that no other company (aside from Google and Facebook) can match. AOL’s platform is particularly strong in video advertising—which CommScore says reaches more than 50% of the U.S. population. The Internet company’s successful digital platform will also coincidentally assist Verizon’s plans to launch its own Internet TV service, which it announced this year after buying Intel’s media assets in 2014 and video delivery network EdgeCast in 2013.

Why would Verizon buy Millennial?

To understand why Verizon might buy Millennial, we should discuss its growing interest in advertising. 

...upcoming streaming TV service. Verizon already has experience delivering video -- its FiOS TV service reaches over five million U.S. households, and it partnered with the NFL to let users stream games to their mobile devices.

What Millennial brings to the table
In a nutshell, Verizon now owns several small advertising businesses which aren't fully integrated with each other. That's where Millennial Media comes in -- its network reaches over 670 million unique users monthly, and it has the potential to deliver ads to over 65,000 apps.

... but it's Millennial's ability to deliver ads into apps through an automated, real-time exchange which makes it a tempting purchase. If Verizon can bundle AOL One and Millennial's programmatic platforms together, it can offer advertisers all-in-one plans for advertising across mobile apps, PC screens, and TVs. If Verizon then blends data from its wireless customers, AOL, and Millennial into a single database, it could craft powerful targeted ads like Facebook and Google.

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