Monday, July 6, 2015

OnePlusTwo - Display Size = Surprise

I don't know anything here, but this is the kind of language I look for in the releases of new products. 

No OEM will want to breath a word of what's actually coming when they announce Image by PicoP, except maybe to go this far.

My own expectation is that a phone with embedded PicoP will be thicker, but narrower, with a smaller screen on the phone itself, and a much larger display from a projected image.

We wait... They will have their unveiling on July 27.

It will come in three models, which leaves more room for a significant advance.

From UK Marketing News
Design and Display
Little is known about the design of the OnePlus 2, except the report that will follow the similar design lines as the first generation. One difference might be in the bezels, as we expect less of them; probably even bezel-free phone. The display size will be a surprise, and many expect lower size than the 5.5 inches of the first generation. In addition, while there are some expecting QHD displays, the realistic option is a full HD 1080p display. A 1080p display is not bad, as it is on pair with flagships like the HTC One M9 and the Sony Xperia Z4.

From VineReport
PC Advisor also notes that it might come with 3300mAh battery. However there are no certainties with these details yet especially Pei said that, "We've actually changed the display size several times as well. The final product will surprise people."

Thankfully there’s not too much longer to wait until we find out all of the specs, price and more, as the OnePlus 2 is set for a virtual reality launch on July 27.
Further, three models carries build name of A2001, A2003, and A2005, where all are certified by the hardware version 2.2 and software version 2.01 for Bluetooth 4.1 specification. 1 SoC coupled with 3GB of RAM. As of this writing, it is unclear what features or specifications will set these models apart.

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