Sunday, July 26, 2015


This is pretty interesting. The author of this article from GizNoise, claims that they have reached out to SONY and that SONY has confirmed that the projector is real and that it will be available in October 2015. It also highlights the article from the SONY corporate communications that describes the MicroVision/Sony PicoP module.

So -- I'll call it completely confirmed that SONY has at least one product that will be released for the holiday season of 2015. [Thanks Bart]

-- We don't have an "official" confirmation yet, but I expect it soon.

We’ve reached out to Sony and have had official word that the Sony MPCL1 HD pico projector is real and will be available in October 2015.
You can project onto any surface and there is no need to fiddle with a focus wheel. This is a great feature for ad-hoc viewing. You can throw an image up a wall or on the floor/ceiling and your image is instantly in focus.

You can learn more about the laser display technology that Sony have employed here.

Battery life hasn’t been disclosed yet by Sony but it does come with a 3000mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery which utilizes gel technology. I’m unsure how this plays out with viewing hours but a nice feature is that the Sony pico projector can charge your phone as well. So if you have your MPCL1 with you and you phone battery gets low, you can just top it off. A very nice additional feature!

So, it seems that Sony have entered the market into what I personally feel is going to the next big thing – Hi Definition portable pico projectors.

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