Thursday, July 23, 2015

SONY Focus-free HD PicoProjector --UPDATED with Video Ad from SONY. **** UPDATED AGAIN

I'll be looking for more information about this, but found this at VIBE. I have a hunch this is a case of someone jumping the gun on an official announcement. 

This is all I have so far, take it with a grain of salt, but this looks like our product.

UPDATE: Now, with the Video I have 99% confidence this is MicroVision, the product is real and will be a SONY announcement soon.

Thanks Joe for this link to NCC


But the coolest trait is that this pocketable laser projector focuses itself unlike traditional DLP, LED, and LCoS models. Sony says that even if you project an image on an uneven or curved surface, all parts of the picture will be in focus. That’s due to the nature of lasers and the PicoP laser-beam scanning system, developed by a company called MicroVision, being used in the MPCL1. The projector uses red, green, and blue lasers as light sources for the image, and those lasers hit a constantly moving MEMS mirror to reflect images toward your wall or another projection surface.

As small as it is, the upcoming laser projector—which will go on sale on Amazon in October—is still another thing you’ll have to carry around in addition to your phone. But it’s also a glimpse at the near-term future, when mobile devices are likely to have their own built-in projectors. Sony wouldn’t divulge just how big the current laser-projector module is, but shrinking it down small enough to fit into a phone seems like a logical next step. And like its image sensors, which are used in the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, it could be another profitable branch for Sony’s component business.

I also expect this video will likely disappear from the source quickly, so look fast.

UPDATE: If you're interested in investing in this technology, remember that to the rest of the public, this still looks like the pico projectors they have seen before -- which are quite disappointing. One that is bright, always in focus (even on uneven surfaces) runs silently and sips energy is something new, and something the rest of the public (investing and consumers) won't believe until they see it.

Sony Pico: Portable Projector Overview Video from Carlucci Design on Vimeo.
This was a product launch video to support Sony's new handheld, HD digital projector. Our task was to create a short, engaging overview of the product under a tight deadline - but we had few assets to work with initially. To fix this issue, we organized product and lifestyle photo shoots, developed 3D models and expanded the literature about the product features and specifications. Once we built the assets we required, we wrote the video script, supervised the voiceover recording, animated and edited the video, and rendered it for use in-store and online.

This is from the end of the video which essentially offers proof that it is indeed MicroVision's PicoP technology:

Sony Pico Projector

Why You Want This: This sweet little device can project your favorite Netflix shows and basketball games on any surface. The projector provides beautiful, crisp HD images and focus free projection. You can even plug in your smartphone or PS3/PS4 for more screen-grabbing fun.

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