Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Xiaomi Releasing new product - tomorrow?

There are apparently two events, coming up soon. I'm paying attention to "mystery handset" language. Especially when it's an innovative company like Xiaomi.

There is now some rumble about a July 16th event, during which the company will be revealing a mystery handset. Some speculate that it may, in fact, be the new Mi 5 flagship. It still may turn out that this is not the case, but a new rumor will have use on our toes yet – according to Chinese tech blog Mobile Dad, the Mi 5 may be announced on the 5th of August – just 3 weeks from now.

Silicon India
Chinese Smartphone maker, Xiaomi, is rumored to launch its Mi5 tomorrow. The company posted teasers across social media about their upcoming product. However, they did not mention anything about what the product actually is, reports BGR India.

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