Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Decent Media Mentions

If anyone has any doubt about how well our products will be received. I think these articles (and previous reviews) sum it up well.

We're getting caught in market currents right now. This will change soon. 

It's only a matter of time before we transition from small media to large media. In the meantime, dips like this are opportunities to accumulate more.

Science Focus

The Six Hottest Gadgets: July 2015


Everything is better with lasers, and that includes projectors. Normally projectors suffer when they’re shrunk: the light bulbs are too small, and the resulting picture is soft and difficult to see. By using lasers instead, the PicoPro projector has been shrunk to the size of an iPhone 6 without scrimping on the image quality. Plus, unlike traditional projectors, the laser system won’t need focusing and can work at short range.$359.99 (£229)

From WellConnectedMom

Display images and video on the wall, garage door, or side of your RV with remarkable HD 16:9 wide screen clarity, boasting a 80,000:1 contrast ratio and 1.67M colors (translation= awesome!). Don’t have a projector in your office? Wish you had a TV in your bedroom? Would love to have a swim-in movie night? The PicoAir/PicoPro is all you need. The PicoAir/PicoPro can actually project up to 250 inches on any surface…that’s huge!
I have to say, the Cellulon PicoAir projector is one of the most impressive devices I have seen in a long time. It’s stunning quality, wireless flexibility, pocketable form, scaling agility, and reasonable price makes it one of our top recommendations for families today.

A Visit Down Memory Lane
When I visited my niece back in Oklahoma City for her college graduation, I grabbed all the photos I could find of her growing up and threw them on my SanDisk Media Drive. Along with the Cellulon PicoAir, I was able to project these images for her on the wall and we all enjoyed priceless pictures…many of which she’d never seen before. The experience would have been much different if we were viewing them on a tablet. Projecting these pictures made this trip down memory lane an event rather than a hurried swiping through the pictures side by side.

Watching the pictures together as a family was an added “gift” I could bring my niece – reminding her where she’s come from as she approaches the next phase in her life.

Family Movie Night
Upgrade your family movies at home by projecting your movies to the BIG screen…on a wall, on the ceiling…or even on a garage or wall outside by the pool. Imagine enjoying the nice Summer breeze at night while you watch your favorite movies. How cool would that be? Project Netflix, Amazon Prime movies, or even your forgotten home movies for a dazzling night of entertainment and family memories.

Make it a neighborhood fun night and project a movie on your garage door. Neighbors will love a good excuse to hang out together and they will be amazed by how such a little device can project such stunning quality.

Although the PicoAir Projector includes a built-in speaker, we recommend that you use a Bluetooth speaker connected to your smartphone/tablet/Windows 8.1 laptop to enhance the sound for a larger area.

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