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Projection Times - Interesting Reaction to SONY/MVIS MPCL1

Translations by computer have their limitations, but it is clear that at the Projection Times, the new SONY laser projector with PicoP inside is causing some significant interest. To them, it's a big deal.

This is for a product that has been leaked, but not yet announced.  

In spite of its rough translation, I believe this is the most important article about the MPCL1 yet.

This is the entire Google-translated article from Projection times. (I believe a Chinese website)  -- Thanks to Joe S.

Projection Times (Chinese)

[Tiger] Perspective Why talk first to the layout of Sony laser micro-projector market

Recently, one of Sony's upcoming mini laser projector MPCL1 news caused no small concern projection circles, the media who have also been reported. If not quite understand it, it will ask Is Sony began to force the micro-projector market?In fact, Sony has already launched a micro-projector products, but did not sound in the country and the products are not listed, then Sony exactly why choose this time to launch laser micro projector? This issue I come to talk about their views.

The Sony has launched a new miniature laser projector MPCL1 not launch its first products in the IFA 2014 show, Sony will showcase its a hybrid light source 1080P mini projector, the resolution of 1080P, and built-in battery, Unplugged under the can be projected. And it is located in the home scene applications, mainly used in refrigerator or wall, to provide users solve problems and paste notes or photographs brought.

In addition, the CES 2015 show, Sony also demonstrated another stylish mini projector, which has 100 lumens, a nominal resolution of 720P, maximum support 1366 × 768, can be projected 22 inches to 71 inches of various sizes screen. And it uses a laser light source, non-LED light source, so the brightness basically meet the recreational use, the effect will be even better in a dark environment.

In addition, Sony also had the mini projector embedded in its camera, and introduced a variety of products, and the brightness of 35 ANSI lumens, the largest 100-inch projection screen (diagonal). So, Sony has been in the micro-projector has a research and development. In February 2014, Sony announced that the company is developing a high-definition resolution miniature projection core member that the United States will use MicroVision (MVIS) the company's PicoP mobile projection technology. The news came out in the US Nasdaq-listed shares rose 74 percent in early trading MVIS. Thus, Sony has launched a miniature laser projector MPCL1 this is not surprising, then what laser light Why?

Known as micro-projector market will be aware, currently on the market are the most miniature projector LED light source, there is little laser light source products.According to my understanding, laser micro-projector manufacturers have introduced in recent years, very few, and only this year infocomm exhibition launched its first peak polish portable laser projector Xiaoming, the domestic market can be said to be scarce.

It can be seen, laser micro-projector market was still a new field, the market is yet to be developed, unlimited potential. Coupled with the laser light intensity is easy to upgrade, and so was a good solution to enhance the difficulty of the LED light source brightness, both to achieve compact, also has high brightness, it can be said the best solution. It is not hard to understand Sony's laser projector products.

At the same time, this year in the infocomm exhibition, the reporter square projection of the times Chen Sony projector product manager informed, laser and 4K Sony projector in the future will be a top priority, follow-up will focus on these two dimensions to launch a range of products and solutions Program. So it is even more difficult to understand why the launch of Sony's laser micro-projector product. Comprehensive layout of the whole product line of laser light, projected at the forefront of the market, grasp the voice market.

And published "Life space UX" topic in early 2014. President and CEO Kazuo Hirai Sony to become, that the future will create a new concept of Sony consumer electronics products, redefining product media and living space to a whole new level, in the border-free environment, Sony also explore other screens and devices from the traditional limitations of future products. From years of Sony released micro-projector products are also easy to see.

From the launch of laser micro-projector MPCL1 parameter point of view, it is only 32 lumens, resolution is strange 1920x720, which is now rarely seen in mini-projector market resolution. In addition, it includes also a mini HDMI inputs, a life of the battery in two hours or so, as well as Wi-Fi playback via phone, tablet or laptop video. You can also use the projector 3000 mA battery to charge your cell phone. But it will also enhance the Sony live entertainment for consumers and a product, to further enhance the innovative product concept Sony gives values.

As to whether users gain fancied only the market can give an accurate answer.But according to the author, the Sony launched the laser micro-projector has also positioned in key entertainment, Sony will not be publicized or more is laying the groundwork. With the projector miniaturization future trends, future business projector will become more compact, miniature projector will undoubtedly be substituted by a portable business projector, laser light sources is the best, and this is perhaps the most Sony The overall aim.

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