Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Surface Pro 4 -- New item to watch

News about Microsoft. No guarantees, but a good place to watch. If the device is going to be fanless, that's a good indicator for MicroVision if there is a projector included.

While I regard GeekSnack to be a reliable source, this is the first (or second) mention I've seen of a Surface Pro 4 with projector.... so this is something to watch, not a confirmed PicoP sighting. There are a lot of articles out there that mention the Surface Pro 4 that make no mention of a projector.

From GeekSnack

The Surface Pro 4 will have a fanless, aluminum design and will adhere to new design elements such as an even thinner and lighter body, resembling the iPad Air 2, as well as a waterproof or water resistant certifications. The chassis of the Surface Pro 4 is said to be made with an aluminum alloy that combines new industrial elements into the design, giving the tablet more durability. In the spirit of the new Lenovo Yoga line-up, the Surface Pro 4 will not only incorporate a similar watch hinge at the base, replacing the magnetic type cover, but will also incorporate a projector in the device.

Using a projector is something most Windows and Surface Pro users are very familiar with, and the addition of a proprietary, native projector to the Surface Pro 4 increases its usefulness in schools, learning environments and business environments.
While until now, Apple’s iPads were leaders in education, the Surface Pro 4 might take that throne away from Tim Cook and co. Still, these are unconfirmed reports, so I would suggest taking them with a heap of salt before getting your hopes too high.

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