Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cicret Bracelet

The CICRET bracelet is part of a crowd-funding effort. 

I am profoundly skeptical that it could work as it is shown. To get this kind of image on a fore-arm, the projector would have to be shining straight down on it -- not from up on the wrist as shown. If everyone had a uniform and perfectly flat forearm, I suspect it could be done.

But the campaign has been popular. Many of my friends have shared this with me, and with each other.

How popular will Microvision be, when their product is released soon?

Google Search: Microvision gets 505,000 hits
Google Search: PicoP gets 330,000 hits

Microvision has been following those non-disclosure agreements!

Cicret gets 28,000,000 hits.

That's the power of hype. When devices with PicoP inside start making the rounds and looking a lot better than this fantasy. Things will go nicely for us.

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