Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sony PlayStation Experience - Saturday - Updated

Yes, those of us waiting for Microvision announcements or big news have been disappointed a number of times. 

Disappointment only happens when you're really sure something is going to happen however. If we knew that PicoP couldn't be done, we wouldn't pay any attention or feel any disappointment. I'm never disappointed when I wake up to discover that I can't fly.

I'll call the odds for the coming weekend excellent. (Note the use of the word "odds" we have no guarantees!)

Sorry if you're reading this and want to have it beautifully arranged. No time for that today.


The Quick Summary:

The PlayStation Experience event is this weekend.
& We can expect a surprise
From GameSpot  

Sony has a number of surprises to reveal at the show, including potentially an Overwatch-style surprise announcement.

Overwatch was Blizzard's big, surprise announcement at BlizzCon last month. It was notable because A) No one saw it coming and B) It was Blizzard's first new franchise in 17 years. Monacelli isn't so much promising a reveal of that caliber for PlayStation Experience, per se, only that he thinks what Sony does show might catch you off-guard just as Overwatch did.

Four things required to make a good mobile content delivery business: Content, Delivery Pipeline, Viewing platform & a market willing to pay for it.

  • SONY has been working very hard on CONTENT for MOBILE devices (and announcing it.)
  • They call it "PlayStation TV"
  • PlayStation TV is grouped with the PlayStation VITA -- their portable gaming device.
  • We are expecting a multi-year commercial agreement with SONY

CONTENT & Delivery

Seismic changes for Pay TV   <-- this is must reading from SONY

Content Partners

Cloud Based PlayStation Vue (live and on-demand TV without cable or satellite)

Don't forget that SONY has an enormous amount of content that it owns, creates and distributes.

"The company says the invite-only beta version of the streaming service will first be available on PS4 and PS3 in November, before rolling out to iPad, and later other "Sony and non-Sony devices." --- so it's being used somewhere NOW.

The content-purchasing and management system is already set up with the PlayStation Store. The PlayStation Store -- lots of Content -- including movies playing in theaters NOW.

Viewing Platform

PlayStation Vita TV

They have chosen the PlayStation Vue for the name of their television. Why?

If it were simply all for mobile devices, wouldn't a better, more inclusive name be more appropriate? 

Gamers are notorious early adopters. If you want a bunch of customers to show off the new laser projector -- gamers are your crowd.

Gamers = early adopters

A quick search of early adopters’ online search histories reveals the “general” gaming keywords noted above in addition to keywords that indicate a heightened interest in new and developing technologies, such as 3D printing, Apple iWatch, Google Glass, Lytro camera, and iPhone 5S."

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Willing Audience
Check out the Microvision Twitter Feed it is nearly all about the consumption of mobile media, and how the consumption of mobile media is growing rapidly.

So, where do you put a new technology, when you want it rapidly adopted and generating a lot of buzz?

Additional clues? Sony expects its devices division (which also houses its image sensor business) and we would expect houses it's PicoP division -- to increase sales by 70%!

There's more that I don't have time to compile at the moment. I think the chances are good this weekend.

Peter Jungmann

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