Tuesday, December 2, 2014

From Patently Mobile

This is cool, and it looks like great minds think alike. It looks like a step beyond the HP Sprout...

Which may explain the mysterious response to the State of Michigan caller during the last CC. I will urge you to listen to the conference call. (A summary here)   (Transcript here (Audio Here)

Sony's Patent Background 

Remote teleconferencing provides a cost effective way to conduct communications with a person while viewing the person. However, as understood herein remote teleconferencing can feel unnatural when using a phone or tablet computer or even a TV, compared to an actual in-person dialog, since there is no feeling the other person is actually in the room.

Sony's Technology Extends to a Vehicle HUD System 
Another aspect of Sony's invention relates to the projector technology for their video conferencing system may also apply to a "Heads-Up-Display" or HUD system for future vehicles....... 

.....Without limitation, HUD displays that may be used include a solid state light source, for example a light emitting diode which is modulated by a liquid crystal display screen to display an image. Optical waveguides may be used in lieu of a projector, or a scanning laser can be used to display images on a clear transparent medium that establishes the display. Micro-display imaging techniques may also be used.

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