Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Focused on Stock Price? You're Doing it Wrong.

If, at this point of this company's history you are terribly focused on the stock price, you're doing it wrong.

Sure, we're all here to make money on this company. We did however choose this company to make money on because it has fantastic disruptive technology. The demand for this technology could be staggering.

First: Owning the unknown. Volume & Stockholders
If you own Microvision now, you're owning an unknown company. If you've been doing due-diligence on it for a long time, you're surprised by the reaction to news. You wonder what it's going to take to move the stock price.

As I'm pretty sure that most of the dedicated holders of MVIS are fully invested, it's going to take word getting out about the company. A news release about a larger order from the Fortune 100 OEM (we know to be SONY) is not going to get word out about the company. It can make you feel a lot better about holding what you do though, because you know that they're going to do something. It worked, now they want more.

So, it's the day after news and the price is down what seems like a lot.  Less than 1/10th of 1% of the shares of the stock changed hands. Is the stock price meaningful? Does it changed what you invested in and why? I don't think so. It's not working that way for me. There are good reasons to own shares in this company, and it's not because of what the shares do on a day by day basis. They are the technology, enthusiasm for it, the market potential for it, and the brilliant business model for it.

Second: The technology and future enthusiasm
Check out the link below.

If you think the potential product looks cool you're not alone. (I'm sure this is part of some crowd funding scheme and I'm dubious even a prototype has been made, and I'm dubious it could work as shown.)

To me the interesting thing is the enthusiasm for it. 3.6 + Million views.

Check the comments, and you get two major themes: First "This is awesome" and Second "this is impossible"

If you're paying attention to Microvision, you know that better than this is not only possible but being manufactured now. -- and it's being manufactured by SONY (a company that makes the best video equipment on earth) and at least one more company.

Cicret Bracelet

BIGGER SCREENS -- Mobile Companies MUST use them -- and PicoP is the ultimate bigger screen  They will have to use Microvision

Third: Market Potential

Consumer electronic products can be delivered in STAGGERING quantities.

iPhone Sales (Forbes) Apple iPhone 6 --- 20 million phones in a month - goal of delivering 70-80 million iPhones between the launch in September and the end of the year!

First run of the Apple Watch? They're talking 10 million units.

Xaiomi plans to sell 100 million smartphones next ye
ar. (Tech in Asia)

All the devices that all these companies want to sell -- all want BIGGER SCREENS.

Fourth: License business model

The license business model is a great thing.

Increasing production costs Microvision little in additional capital outlays, 

"The operating expenses are in a place where we expect to be able to ramp the business for a while with them. We're using contract manufacturers so as things ramp up, the investments that we have to make are not that large."

Microvision is virtually guaranteed a profit on each unit sold.

Don't own it for what the price does today... own it for what it will do soon.  Review the Conference call, we're very close. If you are holding, you are holding a still unknown company that is about to burst onto the scene with a significantly disruptive and very popular new device that will deliver information and entertainment to millions.

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