Friday, December 19, 2014


We do not know that this is a Microvision enabled device, but it is a laser display and very well could be. If so, it appears getting it into US retailers is already handled.

There is an interesting parallel between this picture and the recently released Sony Video.


From Celluon Twitter feed
Two pico projectors in our lineup: and . PicoAir will be wireless only and PicoPro will be both wireless and HDMI capable. 2:42 PM - 18 Dec 2014

Know how there were MP3 players before made them mainstream? WILL do the same for Pico Projectors!  9:39 PM - 17 Dec 2014

We saw AirPico in September... When will we see AirPico again?

We decided to go with instead of AirPico. First look will be at and will be in most major US retailers.

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