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Netflix will NOT go offline

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I scraped this due to excessive pop-ups that made my computer do weird things. This apparently means that other players will have the upper hand in the PicoP ecosystem for offline viewing.  Amazon and Sony? (New mobile protocols?  Like Ericsson 40gbps?)

Netflix WILL work with devices that are connected to WIFI or mobile networks, but will not allow DOWNLOADS.

Also this: Netflix with ShowWX

Netflix will do short clips. - to increase mobile viewing

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Netflix says 'never' to offline viewing

Netflix has laid down the law, much like a parent who’s just tired of hearing about cake for breakfast. It’s never going to happen. But for Netflix, what won’t ever happen is offline viewing. 

According to TechRadar on Wednesday, the company will never follow services like BBC iPlayer in making their content downloadable for viewing when not connected to the web. Director of Corporate Communications and Technology Cliff Edwards told TechRadar that offline downloads are viewed as a “short-term fix for a bigger problem.” He sees that problem being access to Wi-Fi and the quality of Wi-Fi overall.

While it sounds like he’s being harsh to use the word ‘never,’ it doesn’t come from a place of pure stubbornness, but out of hope for the industry. He believes that by the time five years have passed, the standards for Wi-Fi and video viewing will have advanced enough to make offline viewing obsolete. So Netflix is keeping future you in mind, and not the current you, who just wants to keep binging on “Sons Of Anarchy” while traveling for the holidays. 

To ARSTechnica, a Netflix representative even went as far as to say that, “there are plenty of other options if people want offline playback.” So, it doesn’t seem like Netflix is hurting by not providing this service. Those other options include Amazon Prime Instant Video and YouTube, among others.

We’re certainly hoping for a Wi-Fi-filled world, but considering there are still parts of the country without access to reliable cell service or internet at all, we won’t hold them to that exact timeline.

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