Friday, March 27, 2015

James Bond

It took a while for me to decide to make this a post rather than a foot-note on the digging page. The more I think about this, the better I like it and the more sense it makes.
First, PicoP is a Bond-like technology. I chatted with a couple of friends about this, and they immediately launched - as I did, into the potential for this, and how cool it would look in a Bond movie. Conference call on the wall, discussing strategy with a projected map, showing pictures of targets or important people in a group. All would be a perfect application of PicoP technology -- and behold,  James Bond is a movie produced by Sony. 
A marketing home-run would be if a James Bond style science-fiction technology were actually released to the public when the movie is announced?
I have no idea if this is actually what is going on. It would be very exciting if it were -- it would mean that we as stockholders are holding a hot item though. 
NOTE -- Release dates of MAY and November... if you're getting impatient... it might not be long at all.
"First, among the chaos of the recent hacked accounts at Sony Pictures, emails between CEO Michael Lynton and executive vice president of consumer marketing George Leon have allegedly been unearthed that leak details about the upcoming Xperia Z4. Not only is it rumoured that it will it be a product placement in the upcoming James Bond movie, but that James Bond actor Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes will have some input on its design.
The emails mention phones rather than a single phone (backing up the theory that we shall also see Music and dual-SIM versions - see below), with release dates of not March, but May and November. It's also alleged that Daniel Craig could net $5m simply for posing with the Sony Xperia Z4. This is backed up by fansite Xperia blog which says Sony is planning a Summer release."
"Then there is the fact that we have not seen any leaks of any kind for the Xperia Z4 so far (apart from the Bond product pitch, which doesn’t really count). We understand the recent model that passed through the FCC is likely to be a mid-range device. Whilst, SONY has tightened up on the leak front, we find it very hard to believe that we would not see anything given that MWC is just over a month away."

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