Friday, March 6, 2015

Apple Event Monday

First -- I am NOT trying to start an Apple rumor. 

Apple must be watched by all of us who are interested in mobile technology however, and the rumor mill is grinding away at various things Apple.

While I'm quite sure that the Apple Watch will be featured on Monday, I don't think it will be the main event -- they have already demonstrated it, announced its arrival, etc. While they have, in my opinion, over-hyped many of their recent events, I don't think they'd do this for something they've already unveiled.

The timing of this event - related to other recent events -- let's call it "curious."

Much speculation recently about AppleTV -- which if you've followed this blog for any length of time, you know was a focus of where PicoP® technology could really shine. There was a lot of speculation when Apple investment guru Gene Munster constantly expected an Apple TV update. He's been treated like MicroVision investors for a while -- thinking that the big advancement is right around the corner. 

You can search the blog for further information about AppleTV. 

One of the products I think must happen -- because it would be awesome, and I can imagine high-demand for it, would be essentially a portable DVR/TV product that allows people to carry their favorite visual media with them. It's explained at the link right here: PicoP Product Idea

Here are a few of the best "what to expect" links I've seen: 

Twitter "#springforward apple"  --- should get you the latest ramblings
Apple Insider

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