Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Various Price Targets

I will update this as I find more, but thought it would be good to compile some price targets of Microvision. Some are my own. 

If you submit your own price target or know of a publicly listed price target, please comment.

My quick rough estimate is based on the following formula. 

(10% of previous years worldwide smartphone sales * Likely income/unit) / Float @ P/E of 80.

Last years smart-phone sales: 1,200,000,000  (Reference)
Likely income/unit $12 (based on a non-explicit comment at Stockholder meeting "educated guess")
Shares outstanding: 44,500,000 (Adjust this as the number changes)
PE ratio of 80 (moderate PE ratio for a growth company.)

you do the math...

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What is Microvision Worth?

From TrimbathCreative

As I've described before, my rule of thumb for estimating the value of a deal is a price to sales ratio of 6. Based on that, MicroVision's market cap should be worth an extra $87M; which would have been about an 85% increase in MVIS. Adding in the previous $8M deal and the market cap is $135M, about 10% below the closing market cap. That valuation assumes zero value from any of the other possibilities. I don't place a zero value on those possibilities.

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